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There has been tension at the Milan club for several years. The situation worsened in March, when the Rossoneri fired Zvonimir Boban from his position of director of football operations. The future of the club’s technical Director, Paolo Maldini, was also questionable. He and the Croat were building a project that Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis is going to cross out. In his view, the team should seriously change and preferably with a different coach.

If the press is aware of everything that is happening at Milan, then Pioli knows all the more. You can only imagine the pressure a coach is under when they are openly looking for a replacement. Philippine news media previously reported that even the players of “Milan” asked the club’s management not to dismiss the current coach and let him work at least until the end of the contract. Nevertheless, the Rossoneri bosses are bending their line. Next, we will consider the specialists who can lead Milan from next season.

Ralph Rangnick

Rumors around Rangnick and Milan have been spread for a few months. Gazidis is a big fan of the German specialist and wants him to lead the team. Rangnick has more opportunities than Pioli. According to La Gazetta dello Sport, the Rossoneri management will immediately allocate the German 75 million euros for transfers, if he agrees to lead the team. Gazidis believes the former Leipzig coach is an ideal option for AC Milan. He is convinced that the German will build a strong and competitive team of young performers.

Currently Rangnick is the main candidate for the position of chief coach of “Milan”. The specialist was silent for a long time, but finally confirmed that the Rossoneri management is in contact with his agent. The German knows that the Italian sports club is very interested in him, but there are some points that delay the negotiations:

  • First, Rangnik requires full control over transfer issues.
  • Secondly, he wants to participate in all the football processes that will take place at the club.

Moreover, the German demands that his opinion in many matters be decisive. Ramnicu Gazidis can still accept first requirement, but not the second one. “Milan” wants to get the German specialist, but does not guarantee him full influence on football processes. The negotiations are difficult, but the parties continue to conduct them.

Luciano Spalletti

The second in the list of candidates for the post of coach of “Milan” is Spalletti. According to Corriere dello Sport, the Rossoneri management is seriously considering the Italian. If the negotiations with Rangnik do not come to an end, the “red-black” team will switch to Senor Luciano. The specialist has been without a club for a long time, so he can consider the option of “Milan”. The Italian has repeatedly stated his desire to return to the coaching bridge.

Milan considered Spalletti as a replacement for Giampaolo. However, money intervened in the situation. The Italian still receives a salary from “Inter”, from which he was dismissed in summer of 2019. If the specialist heads another club, payments from “Nerazzurri” will no longer rely on him. Spalletti decided not to settle with his former employers, although they offered him substantial compensation several times.

It turns out that Spalletti is still bound by a contract with “Inter”, which has not been coaching for a long time. The specialist’s agreement with Nerazzurri was calculated until summer of 2021. AC Milan are still interested in Luciano, but the situation with his “Inter” contract remains uncertain. In addition, the future owners of Newcastle began to show interest in the Italian. Given Senor Luciano’s love of money, the Saudis may intercept the coach, although he is not their main candidate. 

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