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After Europe and the world were hit by the coronavirus pandemic, which forced to change all the usual life of human society and suspended the drawing of football tournaments in almost all countries, the press is increasingly seeing the opinions of experts and analysts that at least the next few transfer windows will be held under different rules than fans, players, clubs and agents have become accustomed to.

Jonathan Castro

In the summer of 2018, Atletico Madrid paid 7 million Euros to Celta for the right to sign left-back Jonathan Castro. Surprisingly, the rookie never got a chance to even make his debut for the team at the official level. Six months after the purchase, Atletico sent Castro on loan to English club “Wolverhampton”.

There, the Spaniard managed to prove himself and even earn a call-up to the national team, as well as make his debut in its ranks. “Wolves” did not miss the opportunity at the end of the loan agreement to buy out the contract of Jonathan Castro from Atletico for 20.5 million euros. Yes, the Madrid club has done good business, but there is a feeling that Castro could provide quality competition to Renan Lodi.


This Brazilian has become a typical example of how the European rich fight for a little bit of a promising player, without even weighing the decision on how much they really need a newcomer. Sports news inform, that in the summer of 2009, Barcelona paid 14 million euros for the 20-year-old of the “Palmeiras” striker Keirrison.

As a result, the striker was immediately sent to gain experience at Benfica, where he failed to succeed, and after just six months, he returned to the ranks of Blaugranas. But Keirrison was still not given a chance to play at Barca. This is how the rental carousel started in his career:

  • Fiorentina,
  • Santos,
  • Cruzeiro,
  • Cruzeiro,

It is difficult to say at what stage Keirrison finally turned into an ordinary player, being not worthy not only the level of “Barcelona”, but even clubs ranked much lower. It is not surprising that at the moment, 31-year-old Keirrison has been without a team for more than a year and probably the only right decision for him is to consider the possibility of immediate retirement.

Luis Figo

Few people will remember now, but in 1995, when Luis Figo was ready to leave his native sporting Lisbon, he managed to sign contracts with two clubs at once – Parma and Juventus. A scandal and dispute broke out, which ended with a two-year ban for Figo from performing in Italy. As a result, having never played a single match for either Juventus or Parma, Luiz legally achieved recognition of the worthlessness of contracts with these clubs, which allowed him to move to Barcelona, where, as inquirer sports informed, he became famous in European football.

Martin Demichelis

In the summer of 2013, the Argentine defender of “Malaga” Martin Demichelis came to the end of his contract with the club, after which he accepted an offer to move to Atletico. Martin signed a one-year labor agreement with Real Madrid but have not had time to debut. The fact is that Manchester City was interested in Demichelis, which was just accepted by ex-coach of “Malaga” Manuel Pellegrini.

The English offered the Argentine a much more profitable personal contract, after which they entered into negotiations with Atletico. As a result, Madrid did not interfere with Demichelis ‘ desire to leave for England, earning 5 million euros on the deal. What is true, the transfer took place literally on the eve of the summer window, and therefore, “Atletico” already did not have time to sign someone else in this line.

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