Should we eat before or after sport?

To make effective sessions without risks and to recover well after a sporting activity, a good diet is essential. Dr. Souveton, general practitioner and high-level sport, deciphers for us the good habits and the right eating rhythm of the sportsman.

To the question should you eat before or after a workout, the answer is obviously both. However, you must respect a certain period before and after the session and above all make the right food choices.

Eating before sport: preparation food


It is best to eat about 2 and a half hours beforehand so as not to be too heavy during the session. It is possible to make a small snack just before but it must be light and must provide quick sugars that the body can use immediately like a fruit, a slice of bread with honey, a sweet drink: “it takes energy that the body can use immediately. Foods with a high glycemic index should be eaten at that time, “says Dr. Souveton.


Of course, the type of activity practiced will be important in the choice of diet. “If you practice an endurance sport,” explains Dr. Souveton, “you should rather consume starchy foods (bread, potato, rice pasta) but not necessarily at the meal preceding the session. The day before, it’s more interesting because the body will have had time to digest this source of energy that it can use during exercise. ” The meal before the session must above all be digestible and not too greasy because beware of feelings of heaviness.

“If we are about to do a weight training session, we will insist on the proteins that will help increase muscle mass. Again, the ideal is to consume the night before so that “they are available at the time of the effort. If we eat proteins just before the session, they will not yet be assimilated and therefore not available. And once again, the meal before the session should not be heavy. all that is fatty, like meats, pastries, meat, because it is more difficult and longer to digest. “

In general, you have to adapt the amount of calories to the activity practiced: you will not eat the same portion of starchy foods depending on whether you are going to practice a session of RPM or yoga.


Note that some people believe that by doing sport on an empty stomach in the morning, they will burn more fat. Our expert believes that this is more of a myth than a reality. “Basically, if we run for an hour we will burn 900 calories and 100 g of fat which is very little when it comes to fat and remains minimal for weight loss. The loss is not worth the risks that can to engender to do sport on an empty stomach is not recommended for everyone, warns the professional. “

What are the risks of skipping breakfast or a snack before a morning session? “In the morning, the energy stocks date from the day before and it is preferable to” re-sugar “a little before the effort otherwise we will have trouble recovering. Because you should know that for the effort the body needs sugar. risk is to make the session uncomfortable or even dangerous for some people not used to morning efforts on an empty stomach. ” Not to mention that we are going to lack tone and that the session will not be as effective as it could have been.

Eating after sport: recovery food

What we consume after our session will allow the body to recover and replenish the stocks used during the activity. You have to be careful what you consume in the immediate environment of the activity. “Right after exercise,” says Dr. Souveton. “We are in a metabolic opening phase. Specialists call this the anabolic window: during this period all transporters are available to replenish stocks. It is therefore important to drink sugar water or eat a fruit if the “We did a cardio session. During this phase, we are not going to store fat, we are simply going to replenish our energy stocks.”


If you come out of a cardio session, you should avoid fat. But the body is well made and after sport, our body rarely asks for a very fatty burger, we turn more readily to healthy and light things.


After a muscle building session, the recovery snack will be a little different, it is necessary to favor proteins, essential for the muscles. “A drinkable yogurt is very good, it brings milk and sugar. In general, digestible dairy products are perfect during the muscular effort given their quality in proteins, advises the professional in sports medicine . “

During the next meal, you should favor foods with a low glycemic index such as pasta, rice, bread (all in full version) as well as legumes. “Beware of refined sugars which will increase the level of sugar in the blood which will turn into fats and will rather be stored. The same goes for fats. If our body needs it – in certain quantities and of good quality – it is better to consume them at a distance from the session. “

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