Is football on TV dangerous for health?

Heart attack, drunk driving, rough food, violence … Football could seriously harm the health of its supporters. Small review of the collateral damage of football on TV.

True passion, football is close to your heart! Fans of Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Benzema … know how to moderate your enthusiasm! Each year, major sports competitions create such emotions that some give their last breath.

When sudden death invites itself to penalties!

Several studies have thus explored the links between cardiovascular accidents and major football matches. Of course, we are not talking about the endless “draws and pristine matches” that brightened the Ligue 1 season but matches that have marked the history of football.

Thus, the England-Argentina match of June 30, 1998 was a game full of twists and turns which after 2-2 in regulation time had ended on penalties (4 to 3 for Argentina). British researchers at the University of Bristol noted that the number of cardiac arrests jumped 25% in England during that day. Compared to the same day of the previous year, 55 additional people had to be treated in an emergency for heart attacks 1. Should health messages be displayed during television broadcasts? Should we ban the penalty shootout? Another study could accredit this thesis. In 1996, the Batavian team was beaten by the French team on penalties (after a dull 0-0 …) and the number of infarctions and strokes had increased by 51%, causing more 14 additional deaths in Holland 2. These sad consequences only affected men.

A funny way to celebrate victory!

Unwilling to follow the healthy lifestyle of their champions, many supporters raise their elbows more than their legs. According to a study from the University of Cardiff, the victims of a fight arrive more when the national team has won. Thus, the emergency department welcomed 33 more people in case of victory and 25 more in case of defeat. A unique way to celebrate the victory of football and rugby supporters, whether at home or away 3.

And in sports, these behaviors have no borders, unfortunately… In the United States, the victory of the American football team of the Washington Redskins was correlated with an increase in domestic violence 4.

Finally, some supporters could go as far as to commit suicide. During the American World Cup in 1994, a Thai had bet on a victory by more than two goals of the team of Holland on Saudi Arabia. Holland having won it only 2 to 1, the young sportsman had lost the 400 dollars of his bet. A loss which pushed him to suicide … Not benefiting from a very precise census, these tragic cases could be quite numerous on the scale of the planet … Chauvinism and alcohol constitute a very dangerous cocktail.

The typical menu of the supporter is not a guarantee of good health either … Pizzas, aperitif cookies and beer are not the pillars of a balanced diet. To avoid sinking into ease, why not combine football shows and tasty treats? To do this, discover Doctissimo’s recipe space without delay!

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